Business Advisement Center Offers Business Plan Development or Evaluation for:

  • New Entrepreneurs and
  • Existing Businesses


What is a Business Plan?

GPS Business Guide Ensuring Real Success for Current Owners and Future Entrepreneurs”  

A Business Plan is . . .

  • Providing a systematic evaluation of a business venture’s chances for real success
  • To assist in determining the risks facing a new business venture.
  • Is a game plan for managing a current business successfully
  • Is a tool for comparing actual with target financial projections and
  • Is an important tool for attracting capital


PLAN A – For New Businesses – Writing a Useful Business Plan

Question:   Why do Start-Up Businesses Need a Business Plan?

Answer:  More than 50% New Businesses Fail the First Year without a Business Plan


We will assist and evaluate your written business plan:     

  • Will identify the business “Chances for Success”
  • Will reduce or eliminate potential “Business Risks”
  • Will assist in managing the business “Successfully the first time”
  • Will assist in calculating realistic financial “Target Projections”
  • Will calculate appropriate fees for your product or service
  • Will create support for your “Business Idea”
  • Will identify potential Capital, Investors and/or Partners
  • Will assist in getting the Business started on the “right foot”
  • Will assist in developing a “Marketing Plan” works
  • Will identify the potential target market and regional demographics
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PLAN B – For Existing Businesses – Evaluating and Recommending Business Improvements

Question:  How Important is it to follow a  written Business Plan?

Answer:   A Business Plan does not guarantee success unless it is well written and followed with the assistance of a Mentor


We will provide mentoring assistance while following the written Business Plan  

  • Will keeps the business  on its “original track”
  • Will assist reaching at least the “Break-Even” Financial Point
  • Will calculate a 3-Year “Pro Forma” business income, expenses and net profit
  • Will compare actual business activities with prior target projections
  • Will assist in developing a “Strategic Analysis” to improve business activities
  • Will compare “Fee-Structure” with competing businesses  
  • Will encourage the use of maximizing the “Business Potential”
  • Will identify new potential “Business Opportunities”
  • Will assist modifying and upgrading original projections to realistic directions
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